Obtain a credit card to fulfill orders

Before you can run a $100k per month store successfully, you need to start from the bottom and scale up according to your pace and capital. It pays if the card has 2 percent or more cashback.

Setting up your business entity

Your store must be registered as a US business entity such as an LLC, DBA, or corporation. You may need to consult a CPA or tax lawyer to understand the legal and tax implications of these entities.

Obtaining a resellers permit

You will have to obtain a reseller permit. Once you filed for US business entity, getting a permit is easy. Don't worry, sign up and we'll hold your hand through the process.

Be Tax Exempt For Suppliers

You have to obtain a Tax Exempt status on Walmart. It may sound complicated and overwhelming, but trust us, its very simple and we will guide you through the process.


Choose the right plan for your business.


Package one $300

Get rid of your VA, and rely on us. Our staff are U.S. based and we will manage your already existing ecommerce store.

  • Customer Service
  • Fulfilling orders
  • Handling Returns
  • Negative Feedback removals

Package two $2000

You will be partnering with our store, this package also includes 1 on 1 mentorship along with coaching to boost success on your store, time and effort will be put in from us and our team to help run your store.

  • Full 1 on 1 Mentorship on how to start and run your Amazon Dropshipping Business.
  • 100 Free Profitable Products
  • Discount on Main Softwares like Payability, Webscraper, Informed!
  • Exclusive access to our VIP groups filled with successful Amazon Dropshippers & like minded individuals.

Package three $6500

Completely automate your store by our U.S. based team, handling everything 24/7, all you do is sit back and check your sales.

  • Full Access to a live sales tracker & listing sheet!
  • Partner up with our store!
  • Exclusive access to our VIP groups filled with successful Amazon Dropshippers & like minded individuals.
  • Discount on Main Softwares like Payability, Webscraper, Informed!

How do I purchase this product? Press on the purchase button, follow the links to booking your appointment via our app or our discord community. We accept Payments from Paypal, Zelle, ApplePay, and many more...

The people here to help you succeed Our Team

Andy Kong

Andy Kong CEO & Co-Founder

Andy Kong is a serial entrepreneur who is devoted to help you scale your amazon business to 6-7 figures.

Anush Sachdeva COO & Co-Founder

Anush Sachdeva was born an entrepreneur, always willing to help others succeed in there business! I will be in charge of helping you source and load products onto your Amazon Store.

Somrat Javeed Head VA & Manager

Somrat Javeed will be in charge of assigning a Virtual Assistant to your store. All VA are trained by him.

Dropshipping Management Agency

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"I didn't know where or how to start selling on Amazon, but then I found out about Slax Agency through one of my freinds, and they have taught me everything I need in order to grow my store to almost 6 figures a month."

Angel Aguirre Client

I am honored to be a partner with Slax Agency



What if I already have an Amazon store?

If that is the case, we offer another service where a virtual assistant will be assign to manage your amazon store. They will be fulfilling orders, handling returns, customer service, and providing you with reviews/feedbacks.

When will my store hit $100k in sales per month?

It depends on several factors such as reviews, performance metrics of your account, season, and others. Typically, your store could be in the league of players making $100k per month in sales within 4-8 months.

Must I provide all the capital upfront?

No, you can start with as little as 3k for the first month your store is up. For month 2 sales really pick up, but you'll need $30,000 or more if your goal is $100k per month in sales.

What if the account gets suspended?

We follow a strict professional ethos that makes our suspension rate one of the lowest. We don't proliferate our stores with every type of product to avoid claims and issues. If any problem comes up, we will collaborate with you to bring your store back online within the shortest time possible.

What do I do regarding the store's everyday operations?

Our services are done 100 percent manually for best results. You only pay us for service rendered, and this is based on the performance of your store. If you don't make money, we get no pay.

Am I going to pay for other things every month?

Starting out, the only monthly fee you'll pay is $300 so that our team can continue growing your store in a proper manner. Once your store starts profiting, anything "under" $1,000 net profit from your store, you'll only pay the team $300 a month. Anything "over" $1,000+ a month net profit, you'll pay our team 35% of your store net profit.

What is the profit margin if I make $100k per month in sales?

You'll be making up to 8-15 percent in profits after deducting the cost of our services and the cost of goods.

How many of your clients do over $100k per month?

We have several clients who hit over $100,000 to $200,000 per month in sales every month.

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